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Rapid Injection Molding 

Rapid injection molding offers a quick, affordable way for product designers and engineers to bridge the gap between prototype and production runs. Using your 3D CAD file, Aco Mold can quickly produce aluminum tooling and inserts without sacrificing quality. With run quantities up to 10 parts, Rapid Injection molding is ideal for product engineers who need no-frills production parts in as little as 3 days. When you need custom parts fast, Rapid Injection molding helps take your production run to the next level.

When injection molding is your choice manufacture plastic parts, several thoughts come to mind – costly molds, long lead times, and expensive design changes. Aco Mold Rapid Injection molding provides a fast, cost effective alternative to the old approach. Technology, materials and standardization are the tools used by Aco Mold to cut the lead times so that parts can be produced within 10 days of the order versus 4-6 weeks at a fraction of the cost. Design changes can also be accomplished quickly and cost effectively. Some limitations do apply with Rapid Injection molding, but the fast turnaround time allows the prototype process to move faster by quickly providing a fully functional injected molded part.

Rapid injection molding is the ideal method to get a prototype run of injection molded parts fast. Rapid Injection molding drastically reduces lead times and costs, without sacrificing the quality you need to bring your product to market. Rapid molding can be used for rapid prototyping and short-run bridge tooling. Follow Aco Mold on Facebook.

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