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Aco Mold provides precision plastic injection molds to meet global companies' specific applications. Whether it is a short run project that requires aluminum tooling, or a multi-cavity, hardened steel, production tool for millions of parts, we can create the plastic injection mold to fit your needs. We specialize in assisting your companies with their plastic product development from prototype molds to prove out the part design to production tools, we have the experience you need.

Ultrasonic welding of individual parts formed beforehand by plastic injection molding is a widely used process for the production of hollow parts with functional interiors. However, the disadvantage of employing two processes - each requiring their own monitoring - is often compounded by quality issues, especially when multi-cavity molds are used. The assembly elements usually come from different cavities and may present slight form variations leading to higher scrap rates during the injection molding process. Usually this problem can only be overcome only at great cost by using automation technologies to ensure a uniform part assembly.

For curved axis drilling in earth, company name is different, but the plastic injection molding process is called HDD (horizontal direction drilling) in this process you can change the path of drilling as per required with some pre conditions in earth( underground)
so do note the corrections--sorry & regret to post comment without confirming the name of the injection mold maker -- for the wrong company name.
Hope some metal machine manufacturers develop some methodology in non conventional machining , and there is ease for the plastic injection mold manufacturers as well as for the designers, though there is a costlier process available. Finally my humble apologies and hope forgiven for given the wrong company name. Follow Aco Mold on Facebook.

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